Ayurvedic tradition suggests that there are three fundamental energies in all living things. If these energies are in balance, then seven specific vibrations are in harmony.

Ayurvedic treatment diagnoses the different kinds of imbalance that can occur and by applying the correct, natural medication, restores balance.

ayurvedic facial and marma point massage

A detoxifying treatment that uses natural products derived from pure essential oils, botanical extracts and herbal preparations. Deeply cleansing, hydrating, and rejuvenating to the skin, including a facial steam and Marma point massage to relax facial muscles and relieve the stress lines resulting from daily life.

Each facial is customised with the individual’s Dosha in mind resulting in beautifully nourished, revitalised and balanced skin. This healing facial uses the reparative qualities of Neem with its noted ability to hydrate and firm the skin and includes a mask prepared to suit each client’s needs from a variety of ingredients.

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