Rose Alchemy

what is rose alchemy?

[coming in May]

Rose Alchemy is a new energy healing modality based on sacred wisdom and knowledge passed down through the light code lineage of the Feminine Mystery schools and Alchemical teachings of the Ages.

Every sweet-scented rose tells from its heart 
the secrets of heaven and earth

Rose Alchemy
Rose Alchemy uses the wonderful vibrational power of roses to bring balance to the complex dance of masculine and feminine aspects within the self. This can enable a ‘heartfelt’ rebalancing of all aspects of our being, bringing  empowerment and expression to all areas of our lives and relationships. Each rose has a unique vibrational signature which is capable of working at the deepest level to clear, balance and align your energy. These beautiful and gentle energies can help to uplift, inspire and restore mind, body and spirit.

More information on this beautiful new healing modality soon!